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WP Mastery Monthly is NOT your ordinary newsletter. It’s a free monthly marketing training session for business owners, CMOs and business-oriented WP users.

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Let me help you get more prospects and clients from your website. There are many pitfalls in online marketing, WP Mastery will help you sort them out one by one.

Understand the terminology

Are terms like WordPress themes, plugins or CRO all Greek for you? I explain those words in simple terms and avoid tech-speak altogether. You’ll be able to follow WP Mastery without being a geek.

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Having a professional looking website is mandatory to onboard prospects and clients. Every month I’ll send you a recommendation for a WordPress design that makes your website look great.

Learn about useful extensions

WordPress plugins are small extensions that add new features to your website. Each email includes a recommendation for an extension that helps you grow your company online.

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WP Mastery Featured On Logos